What Sets Us Apart

Sherlock Home Inspections goes
above and beyond industry standards.

There are several aspects and components of a home that many inspectors do not check – WE DO

There are several procedures of a home inspection that many inspectors
do not conduct – WE DO

There are several tools for inspecting that many inspectors
do not use – WE DO

Pest Inspection
Chinese drywall
Irrigation System
Pool, Pool Deck, Pool Enclosure, Pool Equipment
Seawall, Dock, Boat Lift
Well Equipment
Cosmetic or Aesthetic Concerns
Inspect the Roof from the Rooftop
Climb Ladders
Enter Attics and Crawl Spaces
Move Obstructions
Operate Electrical GFI’s & Breakers
Manipulate Plumbing Shut Off Valves
Open the Main Electrical Panel
Open the Air Handler
Use Inspection Tools – Outlet /GFI Testers, Electrical Meters, Laser Thermometers, Moisture Meters, Infrared Cameras, etc.

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