Un-Licensed “Home Inspectors”

That’s right – there are all types of people conducting Home Inspections who aren’t properly licensed. Most of them probably don’t even realize that they’re committing a crime.

  • Home Inspectors who failed to renew their license.
  • Home Inspectors who failed to complete state-required continuing education.
  • Contractors conducting Home Inspections (not repair quotes) without a Home Inspector’s license.
  • Team Inspectors working under one guy’s license.
  • Home Inspectors who conduct other types of inspections that require separate licenses (Radon, WDO, Mold Assessments, Drone Inspections, etc.)

Most recently I’ve heard of so-called “Home Consultants” who offer a cheap walk-through inspection with a verbal explanation of their findings, but no report. 

Sure, there are Home Inspectors who offer a “Walk-Through Inspection,” for about $250.

But if you really want to save money you need not spend more than $100.

Look around enough & you’ll find folks who call themselves “Home Advisors” who offer “Home Examinations,” or “Home Consultations.” This is because they are not Licensed Home Inspectors & what they do does not meet the state definition of a Home Inspection. They simply walk around the outside once and then through the inside looking around with no tools, taking no notes or photos, and then they give a “verbal report” of what they saw after spending about 10-15 minutes at the property.

Obviously, with these types of Cheap “Inspections” you get what you pay for.