Sellers Should Also…

For those who missed the email, check out the previous post entitled “Real Estate Sellers Must”

In addition to simply cleaning the house, here are a few other tips that can help as well…

SOCIAL MEDIA & ONLINE PRESENCE – getting the word out is the first step. Potential buyers need to be aware of your listing. Zillow,, etc. your listing should be EVERYWHERE that potential buyers are looking.

DESCRIPTION – Be sure to include all upgrades, energy efficient &/or eco friendly features, highlight the property’s best &/or unique features, describe the neighborhood & surrounding area.

PHOTOS – Online listings with few or poor photos do not attract the masses. Potential buyers must see reason to go visit the property.  

CURB APPEAL – Getting potential buyers to actually go in. Trimmed tress & bushes, fresh paint, etc. can quickly & easily make a house look more inviting.

CLEAN, ORGANIZE, & PURGE – Once inside, potential buyers should be concentrating on the house, not the stuff in it. “Staging” is possible even if it’s still occupied. First purge. Make 4 piles: (1) garbage (2) donate (3) keep, but put in storage (4) keep on site. Next clean & tidy. Then be sure to keep it ready for viewings / showings at any time.