Should You Use the Home Inspector Your Realtor Recommends? (for Buyers) When Not to Recommend Us (For Realtors)

Buyers – Sometimes you should & sometimes you shouldn’t.
Here’s how to know when it’s right & when it’s not…

Realtors – That’s right, we don’t always want you to recommend us.
Here’s how to know when to share our name & when not to…

It’s really simple, are they referring you to Sherlock Home Inspections?   But seriously…

You’ve got to trust your Realtor. If he or she has your best interest at heart, then your Realtor SHOULD know a Home Inspector who does a good job. Finding someone on your own could be tough. Regardless of what they promise, some Home Inspectors show up late, don’t know what they’re doing, take forever to deliver their report, etc.

However, if you aren’t 100% confident in your Realtor, there are some who have questionable relationships with Home Inspectors. If your Realtor seems more interested in closing a deal rather than finding you your dream home, then maybe he or she is recommending a specific Home Inspector simply to ensure that nothing is noted that might tempt you to back out of the deal.

It is important to note that unlike many other Home Inspectors throughout Florida, Sherlock Home Inspections NEVER HAS & NEVER WILL pay “kick-backs,” “referral fees,” or any other type of compensation to Realtors, Insurance Agents, or anyone else who may refer business to us. Our relationship with those folks is strictly professional. When someone recommends Sherlock Home Inspections, they truly have their clients’ best interests at heart.

You can usually tell when you’ve got a good rapport with a buyer. When you do, your advice is well received. However, we hear from buyers on a regular basis who felt that their Realtor didn’t have their best interest in mind when recommending a Home Inspector, so they purposely didn’t use the inspector that was recommended.

I often wonder – does that ever happen to us? If you don’t feel like your clients trust you 100%, or if you’re not sure, you might want to ask, “Would you like me to recommend a Home Inspector, or would you rather find one on your own?” This is a perfect way to “test the waters” & see how you’re doing with your client. If they don’t want your recommendation, you’ll know that you still need to earn their trust & PLEASE don’t tell them about Sherlock Home Inspections – they might actually find us on their own.

2 thoughts on “Should You Use the Home Inspector Your Realtor Recommends? (for Buyers) When Not to Recommend Us (For Realtors)”

  1. WOW – I’m a Realtor, been doing this for years, never thought of it this way.

    SUPER helpful!

    GREAT way to “take the temperature” of my clients.

    Thanks a million!

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