Residential Security Tips + Free* Alarm System

I recently had a conversation with a Realtor who has been referring his clients to us for the past 8 years. We were discussing past jobs & it occurred to me that many of you are unaware of my background. I’ll spare you a complete resume, but I do have a history in the SECURITY industry. My experience stems from my Secondary Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) in the Marine Corps (Security Forces), and continued through my civilian life, even over-lapping the nine years I spent in the mortgage industry. I have done everything from armed and unarmed physical security, surveillance, defense analysis, and alarm design in military, industrial, commercial, & residential applications. I even self-published a book “Not This House” about residential security back in the late 90’s.

Below are just a few simple tips to make any home more secure: 

Not just at night – Most burglaries actually happen during the day while the homeowner is at work.

Close & lock all exterior openings – An open garage door is easy access to quickly grab tools, sporting goods, etc. even while you are home.

Don’t advertise that you’re not home – Have the post office hold your mail, & wait until you return home before posting on social media that you are hours away from home.

Lighting & landscaping makes a difference – Can a burglar hide in the shadows behind a tall bush, or is your home well lit with short pricker bushes under the windows?

Make yourself less of a target – There are several things you can do from a Bad Dog sign (even if you don’t have a dog), or a simple note on the front door “Quiet, the baby is sleeping,” to lights on timers or a radio left on.

Get an alarm system AND USE IT – This may seem like a no-brainer, but most people would be surprised to learn how few homes don’t have an alarm system. It’s even more shocking how many alarm systems aren’t used regularly.

* Sherlock Home Inspections has an agreement with Secure 24 (an Authorized ADT Dealer). All of out clients have the option to get a Deluxe Alarm System. $99 Activation Fee / Proof of Purchase $100 Cash Back with 36 month monitoring Agreement.

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