Preparing a Good “I’m Silly” Letter

For Professionals whose advice is not always followed

The main purpose of this letter is to make your client realize that they are being silly.

The secondary purpose is to cover your butt, if the letter itself still fails to open their eyes.

It is best used in any scenario where you have provided your client with sound advice based on your own experience and expertise, but they neglect your recommendation.

Ideally, your client looks at the letter and says something like, “I’m not signing this, it makes me look silly.” That’s the point.

However, if they do sign it, at least they can’t later claim that you didn’t advise them otherwise.  

The letter itself is fairly simple. Just type it up from them to you.

Ask them to read it thoroughly, and then sign it.


Dear _________,

I understand that you recommend making my offer contingent on a Home Inspection, and then ordering that Home Inspection ASAP to be scheduled before the end of the Inspection Period.

I also understand the importance and benefit of a Home Inspection.

Finally, I understand that an appraisal is not a Home Inspection, & neither the appraisal nor lender guarantee the condition of the property.

However, I am inclined to forgo a Home Inspection.

Please waive that contingency.


__________________________              __________
(Client’s Signature)                      (Date)