Post-Storm Damage Assessment Inspections

Post-Storm Damage Assessment Inspections
These Inspections include thorough examination of the following:
• Lot Area – Trees, Fences, Etc.

Porches, Decks, & Patios
• Porches, Decks, Patios, Screen Enclosures

Exterior Structure
• Exterior Walls, Doors, Windows

Roofing Components
• Soffit & Fascia
• Gutters & Downspouts
• Roof
• Chimney

Other Misc. Storm Damage
• Other property damage that appears to be storm related, but not included above

Additional Option ~ Interior
Includes interior inspection of the following:
• Plumbing – Water Pressure & Draining (any evidence of underground issues from up-rooted trees, etc.)
• Electrical – Blown Breakers, A/C, Water Heater
• Moisture Intrusion – Attic, Floors, Walls, & Ceilings

We will provide a report with detailed comments & photos. These reports CAN be used to document damage for insurance purposes, but they DO NOT include quotes or estimates for repairs, and do not replace an Insurance Adjusters report.

Call us today – We can usually have an inspector on site within 24 hours.

3 thoughts on “Post-Storm Damage Assessment Inspections”

  1. I found other inspectors who aren’t quite as thorough & many of them charge much more.
    This company did an inspection for my mother.
    She was very happy & it made things much easier for me to help her arrange for repairs from out of town.

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