July Home Maint. Check List

Here’s a quick seasonal checklist for your home.

  • Check children’s backyard playground equipment.
  • Check your wood deck or concrete patio for deterioration – More decks collapse in the summer than during the rest of the year combined.
  • Check the nightlights at the top and bottom of all stairs.
  • Check exterior siding – Look at all painted surfaces for peeling, blistering and flaking. All wood elements should be checked for rot, and fungal / insect infestation. Check siding for loose, bent, cracked or broken pieces.
  • Check all window and door locks.
  • Check your home for water leaks – not just the roof. Unwanted water can intrude through cracks in the protective skin of the house. It can also accumulate from interior water sources.
  • Check the water hoses on the clothes washer, refrigerator, ice maker and dishwasher for cracks and bubbles.

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