Home Inspection Price Calculator + Online Ordering / Scheduling

We are always happy to take your calls. However, some folks have expressed interest in the ability to calculate an accurate quote for a specific property themselves. Sherlock Home Inspections now has a quick / easy way for you to do just that. It will take some time before we can implement it to the website. We’re also looking at an APP option. Until then, simply contact me & I can email it to you in a MS Word document. Simply make selections on size, age, additional options, etc. via the drop-downs & you’ll have an accurate quote for your clients.


In addition to pricing inspections themselves (see above), we have also seen interest in ordering / scheduling inspections without the hassle of calling. While I’m somewhat hurt that people don’t want to speak with me, I do acknowledge that selecting a date & time, then simply clicking submit would be faster & easier for some folks.

Again, it will take some time before we can implement online ordering to the website, but we are looking at an APP option for that as well. Until then, you can simply email or text me the info from the Home Inspection Price Calculator (which includes a requested Date & Time). I will reply with a CONFIRMATION or alternate dates / times. 

13 thoughts on “Home Inspection Price Calculator + Online Ordering / Scheduling”

  1. Very helpful. FYI to everyone reading this.
    There are cheaper inspectors, but I’ve done the research.
    They aren’t anywhere near as thorough as Sherlock Home Inspections.

  2. I guess I’ll just sum it up like so … The people at Sherlock are the best!
    If you need a Home Inspection, these are the guys to call.

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