Construction Inspections – Home Builder’s Warranty is not Enough

Is the quote below familiar?

“Hiring a Home Inspector would be a waste of money. This is a brand new house that has been inspected dozens of times by the city/ county Permitting Office. If there were anything wrong, they would have already caught it. Besides, we offer a warranty, so if you find a problem, we’ll fix it.”

This is the type of thing that many builders say to new home buyers in an attempt to talk them out of a home inspection.

Three Reasons Why a Home Builder’s Warranty is not Enough.

(1) Wouldn’t you rather know now so that repairs can be made before you move in?

(2) Read the fine print – look at all of the areas that would NOT be covered

(3) Assuming the problem is covered by the warranty… How long will it take before you notice the issue? Will it take several months for that roof leak or plumbing leak to cause enough damage for you to notice it? Is there now a mold problem too? Will it take an electrical fire or an injury before you recognize an electrical issue?

New houses are never perfect.  I can go on & on about all of the ways that homes get built improperly and defects get missed. We do several new construction inspections every month and constantly find issues that require correction.

We conduct Construction Inspections throughout the home-building process. Many inspectors have no idea how to inspect a new house. Obviously we’ll be looking for proper workmanship, proper building materials, finish work, etc. rather than the wear & tear or break-down of the different systems of the home.

96 thoughts on “Construction Inspections – Home Builder’s Warranty is not Enough”

  1. I’m in contract on a quick move in (brand new) home. When I brought up inspection with the builder, they were fine with it. I figured that was a good sign.

  2. Just wanted to share with other readers … I wasn’t going to get a Home Inspection for the house i was building. I friend showed me this post, so i hired Sherlock home Inspections. Thank Goodness! There were several issues that I would have never noticed until after I moved in & I’m quite certain that the builder wouldn’t have either. There were a few other things that I’m sure the builder would have PRETENDED not to notice. Thankfully, they fixed everything that Sherlock pointed out before my closing.

  3. This is SOOOO TRUE! I learned the hard way years ago. little problems here & there that the builder argued about. More recently hired Sherlock Home Inspections & they saved me from a few potential major issues & the builder fixed everything before closing. 😀

  4. Cannot stress how true this is!
    My builder was great & will make things right, but sure wish I would have had the home inspected rather than waiting until i noticed the issues.

  5. WOW – I learned something new today. just took for grantid that a new home wouldn’t need an inspection, but I can see why I will need one. i will be calling you once we break ground.

  6. This post makes it seem obvious, but until I read it, I never would have thought about an inspection for a new property.
    Thanks for opening my eyes.

  7. I suspect my builder is taking short cuts, so i was planning to get an inspection anyway.
    This post makes it clear that you folks are the ones to call.
    I’ll be in touch by the end of the week.

  8. just wanted to post a link to my own website for my own personal gain, but I actually took the time to read this post & learned something.
    I’ll be sure to read more.

  9. Even minor issues or simple little mistakes or oversights can lead to BIG problems if they go unnoticed.
    Don’t be a cheap skate when you’re dealing with the biggest investment in your life. Get the home inspected !!!

  10. Thought a home inspection on a new house was a STUPID waste of money. Boy was I wrong!
    Luckily I didn’t have to learn the hard way. I spoke to several people in the neighborhood where I’m having a house built.
    Several had issues. I’ll be calling Sherlock Home Inspections.

  11. Oh so true! I came across this article while searching for a way to deal with the builder I used. I won’t bore readers with details, but I sure wish I would have thought to have the home inspected throughout the building process.

  12. I’m guessing that GOOD home builders appreciate PROOF that they did a good job from a Licensed professional 3rd party, but it’s probably a BAD home builders nightmare.

  13. My neighbors made the mistake of assuming the builder would do everything properly & the city building inspector from the permit office would catch anything wrong. They have all sorts of issues. I had a few inspections throughout the building process and it made a big difference. A few issues were easily corrected right away rather than later when it would have been a lot more difficult to fix.

  14. I’m in the construction industry. I see other subs doing all kinds of stupid stuff. I always recommend an inspection

  15. I’ve run into several buyers of new construction who think that just because their lender doesn’t require an inspection, they don’t need one.
    Why do people fail to realize that their lender is SELLING the money to buy the home. They aren’t really “on your side” during the transaction.

  16. Der – but it’s new & the builder said they’d fix any issues – der
    You really wanna worry about problems after you move in?

  17. One mustn’t go thru life with a constant heir of distrust. However, neglecting to inspect what ye expect is just simply idiotic!

  18. I work in construction. I could tell you all kinds of horror stories about issues I’ve seen. just because it’s new, doesn’t mean it was done right!

  19. Aw, this was an exceptionally good post. Thanks for taking the time and actual effort to make a superb article.

    We skipped inspections throughout the construction process.
    Figured the builder & County Building Dept. would make sure everything was done right.
    Didn’t notice any issues living there.
    Decided to get a Pre-Warranty Expiration Inspection.
    WOW! Water Intrusion (poor seal at roof penetration) & Fire Hazards (dryer vent not connected in attic) AND (a Double Tapped Breaker in the Main Elect. Panel) among a few other minor things.
    Builder is making it right, but what a pain in the butt now that we live there!
    Just thankful Sherlock caught this stuff before it was worse.

  21. Pre Warranty Expiration Inspection is worth the investment!
    BUT, I compared reports with 2 neighbors who had inspections by other companies.
    All 3 of us agreed that Sherlock was WAY more thorough and detailed.

  22. I have a buddy who works for a big builder in their warranty dept. he will tell you, GET THE HOUSE INSPECTED THROUGHOUT THE CONSTRUCTION PROCESS!

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  24. I’m really just an idiot who thought I could post my own CRAP & it would automatically show up on this completely unrelated website.
    BUT, since it didn’t, I took the time to read this post & I was blown away.

  25. I have contracted with home builders to build me a new home 6 times over the past 40 years.
    I learned earl on that Home Inspections are CRUCIAL!
    If you are building a home you should get inspections throughout the building process…
    AND, 10-11 months after construction is complete, before the Home Builder’s Warranty expires.
    TRUST ME, the money is well spent!

  26. Most builders WANT to build a good product, BUT…

    95% of the time, unless a problem is EASILY fixed…

    the way they fix it is to simply slap a band-aid on it or cover it up & say, “Next time…”

    Trust me, I know…. 🙂

  27. Do a little research…
    READ the warranty…
    Ask other people who have built homes with that builder…

    Just like with an older home, only FOOLS would buy without a Home inspection.
    Just because the house is new, doesn’t mean there aren’t issues.

  28. What good is a Builder Warranty unless you know the issues?
    Are you getting on the roof, in the attic, using inspection tools?
    That’s why you hire a pro.

  29. I know from experience.
    We built a home about 14 years ago.
    Didn’t started noticing issues until after the warranty expired.
    Not making that same mistake this time.
    We’ll be calling Sherlock.

  30. READERS: Call Sherlock TODAY!
    I read this post & ordered a Pre-Warranty Expiration Inspection.
    Thank God I did.
    They found a roof leak AND a few minor electrical issues that both could have become very serious.

  31. Ever been on a residential construction job site?
    You’re a fool if you don’t have your home inspected by a Licensed Professional / Independent 3rd Party.

  32. I was working with a builder who did not allow 3rd party inspectors.
    Of course, they didn’t exactly say that, but they required $1 million dollars of insurance
    I canceled my construction contract & found another builder.
    THANKS GOD! I recently heard that the builder i was working with has had all kinds of issues!

  33. I work in the trades.
    People would be SHOCKED at the stuff I see.
    Construction Managers catch some of it, but NOT ALL!

  34. Funny… I am good friends with a Building Inspector for the County Permitting Office.
    He hired Sherlock Home Inspections to do Construction Inspections for him throughout the building process.
    That’s all I need to know!
    I’m in the process of building myself. Should be breaking ground soon.
    I will be calling Sherlock for sure.

  35. Oh Boy!
    I can share some real nightmares of neglecting to get inspections throughout the construction process.
    N E V E R A G A I N !!!

  36. This was a very informative post.
    Seems common sense now, but I wouldn’t have thought to get an inspection before reading it.

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