Construction Inspections

Home Inspections are important
no matter how old (or new) the house is.
Most people agree that older homes should be inspected before purchasing.
However, there is a common misconception that there’s nothing to worry about with new construction

New homes are never perfect.  I can go on & on about all of the ways that homes get built improperly and defects get missed. We constantly find issues that require correction when conducting new construction and Pre-Warranty Expiration Inspections.

During Construction, we conduct the following Inspections:

Foundation & Structure = Slab is poured and Exterior walls are up.

Pre-Drywall = Interior framing, electrical wires, plumbing pipes and A/C ducts are done.

Final Construction = Usually about a week before the Builder’s walk-thru.

You would be SHOCKED at all the issues we find that the subcontractors failed to complete or correct, & went unnoticed by the Builder’s Superintendent / Construction Manager / Foreman AND City / County Inspectors.

Recently an unhappy customer put up a sign in front of their house warning other potential buyers.

A video went viral on tiktok and it made national news.

This is a perfect example!

Below are just a few issues found recently while conducting Construction Inspections:

  • Poor workmanship
  • Inferior building materials
  • Problems with concrete anchors
  • Bowing, bulging, leaning
  • Damaged thermal boundary
  • Improper bracing
  • Wall penetrations not properly sealed
  • Problems with interior framing
  • Problems with “backer boards”
  • Electrical / Plumbing rough-in not properly protected by nail plates
  • Improperly housed or nail wrapped penetrations
  • Improperly sealed shower drip pans
  • Problems with doors / windows / frames / hardware
  • Problems with screens / weather stripping
  • Roof Trusses “patched” or supplemented with framing lumber
  • A/C duct work improperly supported
  • Roof penetrations not properly sealed

Below are just a few issues found recently while conducting Pre-Warranty Expiration Inspections:

  • Cracked roof tiles + water staining observed on roof sheathing (underside of roof), + infrared camera indicates possible water intrusion + moisture detected via moisture meter = active leak.
  • Mold/mildew type growth on A/C ductwork likely caused by incomplete internal insulation.
  • Infrared camera & moisture meter indicate evidence of moisture from un-insulated condensate return lines. We recommend removing and replacing damaged drywall & insulating return lines to prevent condensation from forming on outside of pipe and creating water problems inside the building envelope.
  • The A/C drip pan has water in it = primary drain line is plugged.
  • Infrared camera indicates poor seal & loss of conditioned air at air handler to duct work connection.
  • Unable to completely / properly inspect all areas of attic due to limited access, but infrared camera indicates missing / disturbed attic insulation affecting R-value over the den.
  • Toilet not properly attached to floor will cause accelerated failure of wax ring gasket and subsequent leaking.
  • Plumbing penetrations should be sealed to prevent conditioned air leaks & pest access – we recommend expanding foam.
  • Double tapped breakers.
  • Infrared camera indicates overheating of some breakers.
  • GFI outlet in kitchen does not trip when tested.
  • Dryer vent disconnected at roof penetration = venting into attic.
  • Gap between baseboards and floor may retain water and debris which could lead to deterioration and / or mold growth.
  • Door stop and weather strip both missing at front door.
  • Infrared camera indicates possible poor seal & air intrusion at garage entry door.
  • Foggy insulated windows are likely an indication of a broken seal.
  • Microwave detector indicates a leak.

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