Close this Loop Hole for Sellers

Real Estate has gone a little nuts lately! On more than one occasion lately I’ve heard of Sellers who have accepted a buyers’ offers including a Home Inspection Contingency, then refused to grant access to accommodate the Home Inspection.

Not “flat-out” refused all together, but rather turned down any reasonable request. In one case, the seller told the buyer that they could only do an inspection on Saturday between 6-7pm. Their so called 10-day inspection period was useless.

Each time, the buyers &/or their agent suspected that the sellers had received a better offer after they had already signed a Sales Contract.

So how do you keep this from happening to you & your clients?

I’m no Real Estate Attorney, but here’s my two cents. 

Don’t be so vague. Your Home Inspection Contingency should not only include the number of days, but also very specifically the exact dates / times that the house will be accessible or inaccessible during the Inspection Period. This way, any refusal of access during a date/time that was previously agreed upon would be a breach of contract.

1 thought on “Close this Loop Hole for Sellers”

  1. WOW – I am just seeing this 03/25/2022 & in the current Seller’s market, this is VERY important!
    Great Advice which I will be sure to follow!
    Thank you Sherlock – 😀

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