Check Ceiling Fan Rotation Direction

Many Floridians save on energy costs during winter months because they don’t run their A/C systems.
However, if it does get cold enough to kick on your heater, you should also switch up your ceiling fans.

Most fan blades can be reversed for winter / summer settings. Some fans use an electric switch to reverse the direction of rotation (typically on the outside of the motor housing) and some require that you reverse the blades by unscrewing and remounting them.

Observe the fan while it’s running. In winter, the leading edge of the blades (the part that goes around first) should be lower than the trailing edge (the part that rotates last). This pulls cold air up forcing warmer air down & should allow you to adjust your thermostat temperature lower, saving energy cost while enjoying the warming effect. Reverse for summer so that the air stream flows downwards. When set correctly for summer, you can stand beneath the fan and feel the breeze.

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