7 Tips to Lower Home Owners Insurance Premiums

Raise Your Homeowner’s Insurance Deductible – seems obvious but not everyone looks at this option.

Combine Your Homeowner’s Insurance and Auto Insurance Policies – some companies offer discounts when you combine policies

Other Homeowner’s Insurance Discounts –  smoke detectors, deadbolt locks, security or fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers in the home, etc.

Don’t Buy Coverage You Don’t Need – flood & wind make sense here in FL, but not earthquake coverage.

Show Them That Your Home is a Better Risk – older homes that have been updated can receive discounts, ask your agent if a 4 Point Insurance Inspection &/or a Wind Mitigation Inspection may help reduce premiums. 
Call Sherlock Home Inspections ~ we can help.

Avoid Risks That Insurers Shun – certain types of dogs, a trampoline, etc.

Improve Your Credit Score – many insurance companies associate credit worthiness with risk.

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