6 Things That Home Inspectors Wish Buyers Knew

  1. The Dream Home That You Are Hoping To Buy WillHave Issues

Even a well-maintained home will likely have some issues, but not every issue is mission-critical. Some may be serious, some may be worth asking the seller to fix, and others will likely end up on your list of “Things To Do” once you own it.

  1. The True Meanings of “As Is” & “Contingent On A Home Inspection”

“As is” does not mean as the house sits. Rather, it means as you know it to be. What’s the difference? Well, if you’ve made your offer “contingent on a home inspection,” then anything found during the inspection that wasn’t already in the Seller’s Disclosures is still up for negotiation. Don’t be afraid to ask the sellers for repairs. They can say, “No,” but it’s usually worth asking, especially if the issue is something that any buyer would be concerned about.

  1. Almost Anything Can Be Fixed

Certainly repairs take time and money, but very few issues are impossible to fix. The question becomes, “Is it still worth it for me?” That can only be answered once you have reached the end of negotiations with the seller, & you’ve done the math one last time.

  1. Home Inspectors Are Not Super Heroes

Contrary to popular belief, a Home Inspector’s nomenclature does not include X-ray vision, and our tool box does not include a crystal ball. While we may be able to uncover indicators of an issue (with a moisture meter or infrared camera for example), we cannot see through walls. Additionally, we can inform you of the current condition & normal “life expectancy” of your roof, A/C system, etc. but we cannot tell you that it will break down 6 months from now.

  1. Skipping Insurance Inspections Will Only Cost You More Money

Sure, you can find insurance companies who don’t require a 4 Point Insurance Inspection even if your house is over 20 years old. Likewise, many insurance companies don’t REQUIRE a Wind Mitigation Inspection ~ they just simply write up your policy as a higher risk & charge you more in insurance premiums.

  1. YOU SHOULD Even If You Don’t Have To

While FHA & VA loans often require additional inspections, buyers getting conventional loans (& cash buyers) can skip them, though that’s not a good idea. Air Quality, Water Quality, & Septic Inspections should not be areas where home buyers should skimp. Doing so may be penny wise & pound foolish. Sure, these inspections will add to the cost of buying, but better to know of any issues before you close. Mold remediation, well equipment repairs / water treatment, & septic repairs cost a lot more than an inspection. Most Air Quality experts recommend an annual inspection for mold, mildew, & fungi. Likewise, the Health Dept. recommends annual Water Quality Inspections for all homes on well water & Septic Inspections every 5 years for all homes with septic systems.

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