Re-Inspection or Insurance Inspection?

Going back out to a property that we already inspected, does not necessarily mean that we are conducting a “Re-Inspection.” Often times we’ll get called back out to conduct a NEW inspection for insurance purposes that wasn’t done with the standard Home Inspection. To us, that’s completely different than a Re-Inspection.

Admittedly, the inspections below are often quick / easy jobs, but $125 is our cheapest Inspection Fee as making a second trip to the property represents both an actual cost (gas, time, energy, effort) AND a loss of opportunity (the inability to do another inspection during that time).


Wind Mitigation Inspection (for Insurance)

Used to get significant discounts from insurance company based on how well the house is protected against tropical storm or hurricane force winds. $125

Probably not completed at the time of the Standard Home Inspection because the client didn’t think they needed one (even though we recommended it).

4-Point Insurance Inspection (for Insurance)
(1) Roof (2) Electrical System (3) HVAC System and (4) Plumbing. $125

Probably not completed at the time of the Standard Home Inspection because the house would have failed, but repairs have since been completed.

Insurance Special (for Insurance)

BOTH Wind Mitigation & 4-Point Insurance Inspections (above). $225

Re-Inspection / After Repairs (for Client)
Any number of areas, usually to verify repairs made by sellers. Usually $125, but depends on the scope of work.

Re-Inspection / Property Made Ready  (for Client)
To inspect an area that is part of a Standard Home Inspection but was previously inaccessible because the seller did not make the property “ready for inspection.” (i.e. power or water was turned off, car blocked attic access, etc). $125 Usually paid by the seller.

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