Are You Asking the Right Questions & REALLY Doing Right by Your Clients?

Realtors, Mortgage Pros, Insurance Agents, etc. often schedule Home Inspections for their clients or refer Home Inspectors to them, but they don’t always ask the right questions to be sure that they are using the best Home Inspector for their client.

While price & availability are important, those aren’t the only factors to consider.

I don’t mention this because we are expensive, or booked a week out, in fact…

  • Our fees are always competitive, without cutting corners
  • We can usually have an inspector on site within 24 hours

However, we aren’t the cheapest in town, and we do get busy from time to time.

But what good is a home inspector who charges a little less and is available at 4:00 pm on Sat if his inspection does not include several areas of the home, if he takes 2-3 days to deliver his report, if he’s just plain unprofessional, or doesn’t know what he’s doing, etc.?

On more than one occasion I’ve had Realtors call to ask me if we have a Supra Key. When I replied, “No, someone will have to be there to let us in, or unlock it ahead of time & hide the key somewhere,” they politely said, “OK, thanks,” and hung up the phone. Should that really be the deciding factor on whether or not you recommend a particular Home Inspector? Do those Realtors really have their clients’ best interests at heart?

Why Your Clients Want Us

  • We will exceed their expectations – Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating throughout Florida.
  • We are Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
  • We inspect areas & conduct procedures that are above and beyond industry standards
  • We deliver our Inspection Reports within 24 hours
  • We don’t consider a job to be complete until all of your clients’ questions are answered

8 thoughts on “Are You Asking the Right Questions & REALLY Doing Right by Your Clients?”

  1. I am a buyer, not a Realtor. But I read this & realized, my Realtor has no idea!
    I fired her. My new guy was able to answer every one of these questions. 🙂

  2. Realtors REALLY need to read this!
    I work for a title company & I cannot tell you how often I see people buying homes that they have no business buying.
    Way too much fix up needed when the buyers aren’t handy & have completely unrealistic ideas of repair costs…
    Way too expensive for what they’re getting…
    Way more house than they need…
    Way more expensive than what they can honestly afford…
    Way too far from where they work…
    I also hear comments from both buyers & sellers – scary how often people talk about their Realtor like a used car salesman!

    If you are a Realtor – READ THIS POST!

  3. We love this post!
    Another GREAT example of the WONDERFUL tips, advice, & info we find in Todd’s Tips.

    Thanks Bunches! 🙂

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